One Health Global Network

What is OHGN?

What is the One Health Global Network?


Several One Health focal points, networks and databases exist, and others are at various stages of development. However, it is important that these networks are connected – a “network of networks” – in a global network, while recognizing that it is not necessary for any one organization to “own” or “lead” it.

The One Health Global Network aims at facilitating coordination and providing linkages; offering  a global geographic dimension and optimal complementarity between initiatives.

The One Health Global Network (OHGN) will be based, from a technological viewpoint, on this webportal – which is currently under development.

To receive a Statement of Willingness and become part of the OHGN, please email:

It is intentional that neither the OHGN nor the webportal are linked to (or owned by) an institution or government agency. Currently, the OHGN and the webportal are functioning due to voluntary support—with an expectation that this support will rotate in the future.