One Health Global Network

Current Action

Current Action

The group in Atlanta 2011 agreed that the One Health Global Network Task Group would undertake the following tasks:

1)  Consolidate and identify existing One Health networks and tools (e.g. ProMED, GLEWS, One Health Initiative) and determine how to best interact with on-going programmes and activities.

  • Develop a matrix that captures the attributes of existing networks or tools, such as language, geographic coverage, vision, culture, style, scope,  audience.
  • Establish personal contacts with key networks/tools.
  • Measure the “pulse” of the One Health movement..
  • Explore potential complementarity with the existing One Health Initiative.

2)  Explore other large scale networks (non One Health) for best practices and business models.

3)  Determine how to address geographic representation and language issues.

4)  Ensure all areas (human health, animal health, wildlife and ecosystem health) get equal access.

5)  Determine functionality requirements.

6)  Explore potential funding options and sources.

7)  Describe the network, its attributes and how it would be used.

Time frame: A report of the Task Group was completed in Oct 2012. This defined incremental deliverables for the progression of the One Health Global Network. [OHGN Task Force Report Oct 12]

Report from ‘Expert Meeting on One Health Governance and Global Network’

This meeting in Atlanta in Oct/Nov 2011, brought together the One Health Global Network work group that was established during the Stone Mountain Meeting of 2010. The objective of the meeting was to develop a proposal for a global network that can link all existing and future One Health databases and materials, as well as to develop a vision for the governance of the One Health movement that will ensure the coherence of the movement. A network task force was created and tasked with moving the idea of a “network of networks” forward over the subsequent six months. In addition, the concept of a One Health Guidance Group was developed.

Expert Meeting on One Health Governance and Global Network Report (PDF)


Stone Mountain Workgroups Newsletter (June 2011)

At the request of and in close collaboration with the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO), the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hosted a meeting entitled:

“Operationalizing “One Health”: A Policy Perspective—Taking Stock and Shaping an Implementation Roadmap” in Stone Mountain, Georgia, USA, May 4-6, 2010.

The specific goal of the Stone Mountain Meeting (SMM) was to identify clear and concrete actions to move the concept of One Health from vision to implementation. Six specific activities were identified as critical steps in attaining a defined 3-5 year vision of One Health and separate workgroups were formed to address each of these activities, now known as the Stone Mountain Meeting Workgroups.

  • Business Plan Workgroup
  • Capacity Building Workgroup
  • Country-Level Needs Assessment Workgroup
  • One Health Global Network
  • Proof of Concept Workgroup
  • Training Workgroup

This Stone Mountain Workgroups Newsletter newsletter (PDF) gives an update on their progress.