One Health Global Network


Davos 2012


A collection of presentations and discussions given at the One Health Summit, including talk summaries, presentation slides and video recordings of the Keynote Presentations.



Atlanta 2011


This presentation contains the Key Messages from the Expert Meeting on One Health Governance and Global Network in Atlanta in 2011.







Delivering ‘One Health’ in Asia/ASEAN


Presented by Sothyra Tum (FAO) to the Progress Meeting on Ecosystem Approaches to the Better Management of Zoonotic Emerging Infectious Diseases in the South East Asian Region, Bangkok, 10-13 December



View the slides at:


1st International One Health Congress




The presentations from this meeting  on Human Health, Animal Health, the Environment and Global Survival, held in Victoria, Australia, 14-16 February 2011, can be found on the slideshare website.