One Health Global Network

Case Studies

Implementation of the One Health approach in Asia & Europe

This preparatory study contained 10 case studies:

1: Community Based Avian Influenza Risk Reduction Program
2: Swiss National Antibiotic Research Programme (NRP) Antibiotic Resistance
3: Communication Influencing Behaviour Change, Vietnam
4: Chars Livelihoods Programme, Bangladesh
5: Controlling Rabies in Bali, Indonesia
6: Healthy Food Market (INSPAI), Indonesia
7: Controlling Hydatid Disease, Nepal
8: Controlling Q-fever outbreaks, Netherlands
9: Control of food-borne Salmonella in the EU
10: The Human Animal Infections and Risk Surveillance (HAIRS) Group

Further details on each case study can be found in the September 2011 report:

How to set-up a common basis for action and exchange of experience (PDF).


Operationalizing ‘One Health’

A Policy Perspective – Taking stock and shaping an implementation roadmap (March 2010) report contains three case studies:

  1. Pandemic H1N1 response as an example of One Health achieving some success: United States
  2. Animal Health Clubs in Sierra Leone
  3. T.b.rhodesiense – zoonotic sleeping sickness in Uganda






One Health for One World

A compendium of Case Studies from Veterinarians without Borders
(April 2010)

Case Studies from:

  • North America and Europe
  • Caribbean
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Australia