One Health Global Network

Zoonoses Conference 2012


May 12




Date: 27th-28th July 2012
Location: University of Sydney, Australia
Organizer: The Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases (ASID), in collaboration with the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) and Sydney Emerging Infections and Biosecurity Institute (SEIB)


The meeting aims to bring together veterinarians, medical practitioners and laboratory scientists around the theme of zoonoses in Australia. Topics will include:

  • Q Fever
  • Antimicrobial use, resistance and stewardship
  • Food Borne Zoonoses – including EHEC, Campylobacter
  • Hendra Virus
  • Infection Control in Veterinary Settings
  • Animal Bites and Wounds
  • Management of zoonoses in environmental disasters – including Leptospirosis, Avian influenza, MVE and Kunjin
  • Emerging zoonotic and related infections in Australia – including Cryptococcosis, M.ulcerans, C.difficile

Registration and further details can be found on the meeting website –

Abstract submission deadline: 15 June 2012