One Health Global Network

GRF One Health Summit 2012


Feb 12


One Health – One Planet – One Future,
Risks and Opportunities

Date: February 19-22, 2012
Location: Davos, Switzerland
Organizer: Global Risk Forum (GRF) Davos


GRF One Health Summit 2012 – Towards the “Davos One Health Action Plan”

The envisaged outcomes of the GRF One Health Summit 2012 were to further explore, advance and agree on the need for a global integrative One Health approach, to advocate and mobilize resources for closer cooperation between regions, disciplines, sectors and the growing variety of stakeholders, to investigate the need for a global subsidiarity principle and to promote enhanced PPP-models. The conference  ended by approving the Davos One Health Action Plan, pinpointing ways  to achieve added value by multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder cooperation.

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